Religious Education


Faith Formation: 2021-22

Our faith formation programs have begun. Classes are taking place in person; however, we will work with families feeling unsafe to return at this time. Please click here for our class schedule. 

Religious Education at Sacred Heart Church
The goal of our Faith Formation Program is assist parents in their role as primary educators of faith. We endeavor to form young people to become practicing and faith-filled Catholics.

Our Catechists 
The role of the catechist is to provide age-appropriate instruction that helps children and teenagers to understand the teachings of the faith and prepare them to receive the Sacraments and develop their own personal relationship with Christ. Our catechists are members of the church community who share their time and talents to enrich the spiritual lives of our young people. Each catechists attends in service training programs for their curriculum as well as safe environment training. Those interested in being part of this important mission of the church are invited to contact us and learn more.

Religious Education/Adult Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Coordinators
Those seeking to learn more about the faith for themselves or their children are invited to contact our Parish Coordinators of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry.

Bernadette Scalese, Director of Faith Formation Grades Pre-K through 8 and Adult Faith Formation: [email protected]

Laura Peterson, Coordinator of High School Youth Ministry and Confirmation: [email protected]
You may also reach a staff member by calling 781-893-8461


The EDGE is a Catholic middle school youth ministry for early adolescents in grades six, seven and eight. The ministry is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. Each semester has a catechetical theme, a yearly retreat experience and occasional social gatherings.

Goals of THE EDGE:

Foster a transforming experience of Jesus through the liturgy, allowing early adolescents to have a profound experience of the Word of God and the Eucharist.

Create a positive experience of the Catholic Church for early adolescents.

Assist middle school youth in gaining an understanding and appreciation of the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Incorporate the Catholic Church's vision of social justice and peace into their spiritual life.

Develop an identity in middle school youth and in The EDGE ministry as being a vital and visual presence within the parish.

Visit THE EDGE website


Sacred Heart is home to LIFE TEEN, a nationally recognized Catholic Youth Ministry Program. With focus on the Eucharist, the mission of LIFE TEEN is to draw young people into a deeper relationship with the Lord and to recognize their role in the life of the church. LIFE TEEN Mass takes place every Sunday at 6:00 PM. LIFETEEN Mass incorporates inspiring contemporary music and homilies that relate to the lives of young people, calling them to live out the Gospel message in their daily lives. '

Youth Group gatherings and events are held seasonally. We encourage teens to follow the Youth Ministry Facebook page to keep up with scheduled events as they become available. During the summer months, following the LIFETEEN Mass, we invite teens and their families to join us for the "post-Mass" gatherings that take place. Some gatherings such as "Sundae Sunday" feature a make your own sundae ice cream buffet, while others such as Something S'more, invite attendees to make their own camp style s'more over an open fire pit! The summer fun continues at Mass with our monthly themed night where attendees are invited to dress in themed (but appropriate) attire. Some past themes have included: Red Sox night, Hawaiian night, Twins night, and Country night. 

Please check our parish bulletin or Facebook page for the summer schedule of events. 

Visit the LIFE TEEN website