Altar Servers

What is an Altar Server?

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Who is eligible to become an Altar Server? 

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Altar Serving: For Youth Adults

Who We Are 

The Order of the Knights of St.Tarcisius is an Order of Lay people at Sacred Heart Parish who wish to serve at the Altar of our lord. Our order consists of 4 ranks of membership, those being Initiates, Apprentices, Knights,Knight Commanders. All these are led by the Grand Knight Commander and Vice Grand Knight Commander appointed by Father Dennis to lead the Order and to be in charge of all servers at Sacred Heart Parish. The symbol of our Order is a Red Lion on a Gold Background as just as the Patron of our Order St.Tarcisius fought Valiantly to protect and served with dedication the Lord our God and the Blessed Sacrament.

Membership and Becoming a Knight 

Membership in the Knights is welcome to all practicing Catholics who have received First Holy Communion and are in a state of Grace. Any one who wishes to apply to become an Initiate in the Order should fill out the Google form which is linked on this page. Any questions can be emailed to the Grand Knight Commander or Vice Grand Knight Commander via [email protected]

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Initiate - Those seeking to join shall be granted the rank of initiate and will be trained to be a server at Mass 

Apprentice - Those initiates who wish to continue on and become servers shall be blessed in a ceremony and promoted to the Rank of Apprentice 

Knight/Dame - Those Apprentices who distinguish themselves in service at the altar shall be Knighted and be fully inducted into the Order of Knights of St.Tarcisius

Knight/Dame Commander - Those Knights and Dames who distinguish themselves further through dedication,leadership and strong faith shall be granted the highest honor of the Order of the Knights of St.Tarcisius. They then shall take on duties leading younger servers in Mass. 


Grand Knight Commander

Sir Knight Commander Seamus Pilette 

Vice Grand Knight Commander

Sir Knight Commander Nicola Scolaro


Prayer of an Altar Server